Julie Shayne, Ph.D.

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Latin American and Caribbean Studies

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses about women, revolution, social change, culture, and development in Latin America, the diaspora, and Third World more generally. I also teach sociology and women's studies methodology classes. My courses are interdisciplinary in subject and content. I use a variety of types of texts including: social science, fiction, memoir, testimony, and film.

Undergraduate Courses Taught or Co-taught:

Graduate Courses Taught:

  • Women and Development (published in Syllabi and Teaching Resources for the Sociology of Development and Women and Development. Ed., B. Kardaras. American Sociological Association. April, 2005).
  • Field Research Methods (published in Teaching Qualitative Methods Compendium. Eds., D. Ballard & V. Jensen. American Sociological Association. 2007).
  • Culture and Resistance in the Americas
  • Methods and Topics in Women's Studies