Julie Shayne, Ph.D.

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Mobilizing the University: Curriculum, Space, and Solidarity in the Americas
[working title]


This interdisciplinary edited collection focuses on the relationship between social justice activism and the university in the Americas. Using an intersectional feminist framework, I seek to explore three main themes. First, how has grassroots activism impacted what we teach and learn in the university? For example, what is the relationship between feminist movements and the birth of gender, women, and sexuality studies or racial justice movements and ethnic studies? Put another way, how do marginalized histories become part of the mainstream college curriculum? Next, how does social justice activism impact who has access to and support in the university? For example, what sorts of movements exist that have pushed to create welcoming spaces for undocumented students, students with disabilities, or queer students? Finally, we seek to explore the role of campus solidarity activism in off campus movements. For example, campus sanctuary movements to denounce the US intervention in Central America.

While providing a theoretically and empirically original case study of an historical or contemporary social justice movement in Latin America or the diaspora, contributors should address several topics in your essays: 1) Your own social location and why activism matters to you; 2) how does intersectional feminist analyses and methodology influence your research agenda? and 3) what do you see as the future for grassroots activism and university collaboration? Or, what lessons can be learned from the history you have shared?

I seek essays that document historical and contemporary social justice activism, broadly construed, representing movements in the Americas. I envision activism conveyed through cultural productions, embodied protests, intellectual projects, among other forms of articulation. Additionally, I am particularly eager to receive essays by scholars/activists/artists of color in the humanities, social sciences, and arts.

If you have an idea you’d like to run by me, please contact me ASAP:
Julie Shayne jshayne@uw.edu.

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